:: Using our system

Our system offers a variety of services to our users. If you are new to the system, you might want to read through our help system to get acquainted with how things work. Click on the icon beside the service you are interested in to learn more.

Show Registration and Sign-up

The signup screen is an area where you can describe yourself to the System Administrator. This information is private and only seen by the operators of this service.

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Show Your Account

The Account Display/Edit allows you to display and edit your private account information (name, address, password, etc.) directly from your browser.

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Show E-Mail

Electronic mail, otherwise known as e-mail, is a powerful and efficient way to send detailed messages to individuals who need not be there when the message arrives. Messages can also deliver attached documents or program files. This system supports sending/ receiving your mail from a web browser or an SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) client (such as Outlook). When you create an account here, you are automatically given an e-mail address as well which is your userid followed by the "@" sign and then the domain name (web address) of this server.

Show Member Registry

With our Member Registry you can advertise important business or personal information about yourself on the system. The Registry allows you to put information online for other users to view, or, you may choose to remain confidential or anonymous on the server

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Show Member Blogs

As a member of this system, you can maintain your own Blog on this site. A Blog is a personal web site updated frequently with commentary, ideas, links and anything else the author likes. New items appear at the top of the page. Generally, Blogs are updated daily. For more information on what a blog is, click here.

Show File Library

You can download programs, documents, data and other sorts of files from our server through File Libraries. A library in some ways resembles a document folder, but it contains more information on each file. With descriptive text, number of times downloaded so far by other users, and more, you can intelligently choose which files are of interest to you and copy them down to your PC. The downloadable files available through the Web File Libraries are the same files accessible through File Libraries in FTP, as well as Terminal Mode (for automated scripted file transfers).

Show Discussion Forums

The forums section of the site allows administrators to create discussion topics on an unlimited number of topics. Users of the system can engage themselves by posting to these forums and interacting with other memebers of the system.

Show Polls and Questionnaires

Polls and Questionnaires are among the best consensus-finding tools ever invented. They permit individuals scattered across the planet to come to an electronic "town meeting" and let their concerns be heard. While chatrooms and Forums offer a dynamic exchange of commentary, they are not well suited to measurement. Polls and Questionnaires offer users the opportunity to vote, and offer System Administrators the opportunity to obtain hard data on voter sentiment.

Show Calendar

The Calendar allows you to maintain your own personal calendar of events as well as view a System-wide global calendar and shared group calendars.

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Show Chat Room

A chat room teleconference is a group typing session where replies are immediate and often come from half a dozen users at once. Teleconference comments last only so long as they are on your screen.

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Show Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

A special interest group (SIG) is a community established to enable the connection of members for the purpose of networking, group learning, and sharing ideas and information. While we provide the infrastructure to establish and operate special interest groups, each SIG is volunteer-driven and self-sustaining.