About Signing Up

The signup screen is an area where you can describe yourself to the System Administrator. This information is private and only seen by the operators of the service. You will be asked to provide a limited information profile before being permitted to enter the system. With the exception of the Company field, all fields have been set by the System Administrator as mandatory, meaning you must answer them before you proceed. After completing the Signup form, press the Signup button to send the information to the server, or Reset to start again.


Typically, a User-ID is best when based on your full name. Using your full name makes recalling your User-ID an easier process, especially if you have multiple e-mail accounts or accounts on other servers and systems. If you have a distinct, easy to remember nickname that will do as well, and since the maximum size of your answer must not exceed 39 characters, please choose well.


Type your full name in this box.


What company do you work for? Please note that this is the only optional field.


There are two lines for the address field. The first line is for your street address, the second can be used to enter your City, State, and Zip Code.


Enter your country code here, abbreviate if you need to.


Please enter your date of birth in MM/DD/YYYY format.


Enter your phone number, starting with area code first, here.


MALE is the default answer for this question, however, if you click on the down arrow you may select FEMALE from the selection box.


The best passwords are a combination of alphanumeric characters, such as FR8790TG. Avoid passwords someone might guess with a dozen tries, such as a husband or wife's name, name of a pet, or the street where you live! Other common password mistakes include using your children's names in an obvious fashion, entering the names of close relatives or friends, or using all or part of your name for passwords. The maximum length of your password is 9 characters.


Re-type your password here. If the password is not the same as the one you type above, the system will not let you proceed until both the Password and the Confirmation match! If you make a mistake, try re-typing the confirmation again slowly and then press Submit.

Password Hint

Enter a phrase that might help you remember your password in case you forget it. Try to make it something only you would recognize.