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The Don Juan Blog

Don Juan, is one of the beautiful people. He's Hot, Trendy, and women want him. Hell, men want him too, or at least to be like him, because of his total awesomeness and razor-sharp good looks. He's also quite opinionated, so we've (the DreamMatches.com staff) given him his own soapbox so he can pontificate on all things beautiful. Because he is beautiful. At least on the outside.

April, 2016: BeautifulPeople.com Hacked!

A competitor site has been hacked, check your data now! Your data with us is very safe. We've never been hacked IN OUR 15 YEAR HISTORY! Impressive, yes? BeautifulPeople.com Leaks Very Private Data of 1.1 Million 'Elite' Daters -- And It's All For Sale. Find out more here

May 12, 2014: Affiliate Program With Backstage Casting

Good day my beautiful followers. DreamMatches is now running an exclusive affiliate program with Backstage. DreamMatches users can now sign up for Backstage at a discounted rate! Give it a go! If you've already passed our judgement to be a DreamMatches member then you'll have no problem finding work as a model! You can read more about the article here Dreammatches.com Announces Affiliate Program with Backstage Casting
- Your beautiful friend, Don Juan

April 17, 2014: Member Resources

Hello beautiful people of DreamMatches. I Don Juan have a wonderful present that is perfect to go along with the start of spring. DreamMatches: Where Beautiful People Meet now has a member resoruce page that is full of glorious goodies for you, the DreamMatch.com member. The page includes links to dating advice, flower and gift delivery services, cosmetics, and if you think you got what it takes (trust me if you're already a member you do) links to various casting and modeling agencies! Check out the page here! This is a great opportunity my hot readers. Don't let it pass you by!
- Your beautiful friend, Don Juan

April 2, 2014: Our Facebook Page

Good day beautiful people of DreamMatches! I Don Juan, God's beautiful gift to mankind, needs your support! We need to create a larger presence on the web and the only way we're going to be successful is with your help! Like and share our Facebook page so we can get noticed! I will be maintaining the page with a little humor so it is worth keeping in your newsfeed! Lets make it HOT!
- Your beautiful friend, Don Juan

Mar 31, 2014: Online Dating Tips

Hello all my beautiful readers! Today I, Don Juan, one of the internet's most beautiful personalities would like to share with you some very important tips for online dating. While I personally have no need for such information due to my sexiness I still fell that my beautiful readers can put it to good use. So grab some wine and read up my hot audience!
- Your beautiful friend, Don Juan

Mar 27, 2014: Want to be even more attractive?

Want to be more attractive to the opposite sex? Surround yourself with the beautiful people (like me). And there’s science to prove it! According to a scientific study by Willard Waller (“The Rating and Dating Complex”. American Sociological Review), you are better looking when you sit near people who are physically attractive. Social psychologists call it the “association effect”, or the “glitter” phenomenon. It does not even matter what relationship, if any, you have to the good-looking people. Just being near them is enough. Now, it seems science wants you to become a member of DreamMatches, the dating site for good-looking people, so you can improve on your already impressive appearance, and meet your perfect, and beautiful, mate.
- Your beautiful friend, Don Juan