List Frame

The List Frame displays:

  • List of Users

  • List of Channels

List of Users

This list will automatically refresh when a user enters or exits the channel. You can click on a user's name in the list to bring up a mini-view of their profile. There are also shortcuts for whispering to them, or requesting a private chat.

List of Channels

This is a list of channels that you have access to. A channel can also be termed a 'room'. It's simply a gathering place for users to talk to each other. A channel will often have a specific purpose or topic. An example of this is a channel called 'StarTrek' where users discuss the show. All the displayed channels are hyperlinked so that you can click on a channel and are automatically switched to the channel. You can place your cursor over a channel in the list, the channel topic and number of users in the channel are displayed in a Tooltip.